Thursday, July 8, 2010


·       Sunfire Plus Power Base Wheelchair is currently offered at $1,530.00. It’s saving you a total of $3,670.00! This wheelchair also offers a free bag with the purchase as well. Some great features of this product would be the compact rear wheel drive, programmable PG controller with an adjustable joystick mount and also a 4 AMP, fan cooled, on board chargers.  Specifications would include the speed at a 6mph and the range is up to 20 miles! You will also be noticed with the red exterior color

Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair is offered the lowest price on the web, which is a total of $106.00. The buyer is saving a total of $108.00 and is receiving awesome features when purchasing this wheelchair. It has a Blue Powder coated frame and a black cross brace.  The tires are rubber mounted and provides durability and low maintenance. It comes with push to lock brakes and the weight capacity is only 250 lbs



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